Beauty So Clean, It's Skincare

Makeup that protects and nourishes your skin, while making you look good. Now that's what we call Clean Beauty!



  • Vogue House Coco
  • Vegan B Crave
  • Men's


    Because Men deserve to be spoilt too... 

  • Makeup


    Pure, natural Makeup. All the coverage, none of the guilt... 

  • Skincare


    A luxurious collection of serums, cleansers, toners and moisturisers... 

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1 of 3
  • Smells good and it works!

    "It's not only safe, it feels good, smells good and it works MashaAllah!

    All your products that i have used til now have been very good."

  • Amazing

    "Your products are amazing and your Lipsticks are the only Lipsticks I ever use!

    JazakAllahu Khairn for the bold move of launching an all natural cosmetic line!"

  • Beautiful Collection

    "Allahumma Barik beautiful collection and lovely products! Presentation and product quality is on point!"