Ingredient Highlight: Raw Shea Butter

Ingredient Highlight: Raw Shea Butter


By now you should know how much we love Shea Butter, you’ll find it in a lot of our best products! This powerhouse ingredient is packed full of amazing properties for your skin, so we had to start off our Ingredient Highlight with this one.

Authentic Raw Shea Butter is hard to find, and harder still if you are concerned with ethical purchases. We source the Raw Shea Butter and other ingredients from “Fairly trading” suppliers who ensure the purchase of this wonder ingredient provides traditional jobs to the Women of Ghana in the village of Pusu-Namogo, allowing them to use the profit to help sustain their village life.

High concentrations of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and skin softening ability, is what makes shea butter a popular ingredient. Some key properties of this skin saviour:

VITAMIN A: Antioxidant shown to prevent free radical damage, which provides antiaging properties.

VITAMIN E: Raw extraction, makes it rich in Tocopherol, also known as Vitamin E, another antioxidant.

VITAMIN F: A combination of two essential fatty acids, it keeps skin hydrated and soft, enabling skin elasticity.

OLEIC ACID: It has anti-inflammatory properties and is a great moisturising and softening agent. It is well absorbed by the skin, resulting in an increase in the skin’s flexibility.

STEARIC ACID: Fatty acids that are well-absorbed, increases the moisture retention and flexibility of the skin, and a great moisturizing and softening agent.

LINOLEIC ACID: It is an essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, and moisture retentive properties. It is said to be beneficial for oily skin, and its use may result in improved sebaceous gland function and the prevention of acne formation.

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