Say NO to Toxic Ingredients

Say NO to Toxic Ingredients


MINERAL OIL: Contrary to its name, it has no minerals, vitamins (or benefit for that matter) and coats the skin like plastic, preventing the toxins from leaving. It also affects your skin’s natural ability to produce sebum, which in turn leaves it drier.

PLANT OILS: These contain essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and provide a protective barrier, and similar properties to sebum. They provide moisture, and prevent moisture loss, whilst allowing the skin to breathe.

PETROLEUM JELLY: A by-product of the petroleum industry, it has high potential to cause cancer, because of its contamination of PAHS.

NATURAL BUTTERS: They are known as a moisturiser for dry skin. Considered an occlusive that provides a protective barrier and slows the natural escape of moisture.

DYES & LAKES: Labelled D&C or FD&C, are synthetically produced from petroleum or coal tar derivatives. They are often contaminated with arsenic or lead and have been linked to cancer or organ system toxicity.

IRON OXIDES & MICAS: Non toxic, and derived from mineral compounds, they are considered completely safe.

PARAFFIN WAX: Highly flammable, and has the potential to thin skin out. Burning paraffin also releases poisonous toxins; toluene, benzene and naphthalene

BEESWAX & PLANT WAX: Naturally hydrating, they enhance skin’s elasticity and are one of the best softening ingredients.

ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE: Some dangers include Carcinogens, Endocrine disruptors, Phthalates, Neurotoxins, Allergens and Skin irritants

ESSENTIAL OILS: As well as offering beautiful smells, some of the benefits include reducing inflammation, boosting mood, reducing anxiety, kills bacteria and antifungal, relieves headaches, and improves sleep.

How many of these toxic ingredients have you found in the cosmetics you use?

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