My Story..

My Story..

I had already cut out sugar and processed foods. Baking with my daughters was a frequent occurrence in our house, and I felt safe knowing we had control over the ingredients we used.

But it wasn't always like that.

Rewind to Winter 2013.

"Pharyngotonsillitis. Don't worry, it's common at this time of the year, especially among children. I'll prescribe some antibiotics, and she can take paracetamol for the fever," the doctor said. I nodded, taking the prescription, feeling exhausted and no longer surprised. Countless trips to the doctor had become our routine since the season changed. With three young children and a baby, it’s normal, right? Little did I know the toll it was taking on all of us.

Visiting the hospital had become like a haunting hobby. My kids were drained, I was drained, and our time and money were being drained too. Something as small as a sandstorm would set off a wave of sickness. It was then that my husband and I finally said, "Enough is enough. Something has to give."

We went back to basics, transforming our diets and embracing wholesome, nutritious, and organic foods. It was a turning point for our health journey. We began to see improvements and glimpses of a brighter future.

But one night, my 7-year-old daughter sat by my side, her curious eyes fixated on me as I applied makeup.

"Mama, when can I use this?" she asked innocently.

"No, baby, I don't think I'll ever let you use this stuff. It's not good for your skin," I replied, aware of the toxic chemicals lurking within.

"But you're using it! So why are you using it on yours?" she questioned. Her words caused a pang of sadness in my heart.

That moment was a revelation. It wasn't just about what we put in our bodies; it was also about what we put on our bodies. I began to ponder the hidden dangers of mainstream cosmetics and skincare. What were we really exposing ourselves to?

Fuelled by a desire to protect my family, I delved deep into the world of skincare and beauty. I tirelessly researched, experimented, and educated myself. What started as a hobby fuelled by concerned curiosity slowly transformed into a burning passion.

I embarked on a transformative journey, determined to develop a range of products that were safe, effective, and made from natural ingredients. Armed with my diplomas and armed with knowledge, I founded Husn Beauty, my own skincare and beauty business.

But Husn Beauty is about more than just products. It's a beacon of change, a testament to my commitment to making a difference. I wanted to reach out to families like mine, offering them alternatives that were not only safe but also effective.

Looking ahead, my vision for Husn Beauty is to raise awareness about the importance of natural and safe beauty products. I want to expand our reach and make a lasting impact on the industry. By empowering others to prioritize their health and well-being, I hope to inspire a ripple effect that extends far beyond my own family.

My story is not just about a journey from illness to wellness. It's about the power of transformation, a commitment to change, and a genuine desire to make a difference—for me, my family, and for families just like mine.

Husn Beauty is the embodiment of that commitment, offering a sanctuary of natural beauty in a world filled with chemicals and uncertainty.

Together, we can rewrite the story of beauty.

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