Essential Oils in Skincare and Beauty

Essential Oils in Skincare and Beauty

Anyone formulating with EO in skincare and beauty, should be educated about the science behind the skin and how to use EO safely, along with what to look for to source the highest quality.

With Husn Beauty products, you know your skin is in the safe hands of a Certified Aromatherapist, with almost 20 years of experience with Essential Oils. Our products are formulated with the correct knowledge of proper amounts of EO, how to use them with other active ingredients and the expertise to formulate safely and effectively whilst using them. After this, the formulations are assessed externally by a Lab, to ensure the percentages are within dermal limits, before a safety report is issued.

Most of our products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind, however we always recommend a patch test as the best practice with any and all cosmetics. As passionate as we are about the therapeutic benefits of EO, If you have hyper sensitive skin, and have had a reaction in the past to EO, and are still not comfortable with using products with EO, then we have a few options without them too.

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