Clear- A powerful anti inflammatory in a bottle!

Clear- A powerful anti inflammatory in a bottle!

Not long ago, a family member developed an unexpected skin reaction. Unexpected, because he’s not usually prone to any allergies, or sensitivities, and this was completely out of the blue. Initially we thought it may be a food related allergy (fish was consumed), so went the route of basic antihistamine. But after a couple of days, it was spreading and getting worse.

Not exactly hives, but red patches with small spots.. definitely some unusual rash type of reaction. Rather than itchy, he described it as a burning sensation. At this point it was concerning enough for a trip to the hospital. He was immediately given high doses of antihistamine injections, adrenaline, steroids, and a prescription to continue once back home. It. Made. No. Difference. At. All.

All and every type of natural remedy under the sun had been tried and tested. Yet the rash kept getting more red, and spreading. What we did notice though, was that although there seem to be symptoms on his face too, it was a lot milder and barely visible. What was different about his face to his body?

He had kept up his regular use of Clear facial oil, and the potent anti-inflammatory power ingredients in the serum had been working on the symptoms so well, you could barely see it on his face. So he started using it on the other areas of his rash. The burning sensation was soothed. The redness started going down. The patches were slowly, but definitely starting to fade. It wasn’t an instant cure, but it was the turning point from getting worse to getting better. See below the difference it made!

Each purposefully selected ingredient in Clear has been designed to work together to produce this powerful, anti-inflammatory, soothing, balancing and hydrating serum. The lightweight formula easily sinks into your skin, and starts working immediately, leaving no greasy residue.

Do you suffer from inflamed skin? Order your Clear facial oil today, and see the difference it makes!

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