Are you being ‘Greenwashed’?

Are you being ‘Greenwashed’?

What’s greenwashing you ask?

Ever felt the joy of picking up a product with the ‘natural’ or green leaf sign, thinking you have a pure product in your hands? Only to find the ingredients list telling a different story?

Greenwashing is when a brand makes a claim on their products being natural, organic, or eco friendly, as a marketing scheme.. When it’s not the case at all. It’s very easy to be deceived, and many consumers fall into the trap.

Here’s a common example. When a product tells you it’s made with essential oils. And yet 99% of the fragrance in that product is synthetic perfume.

So how can you avoid it? It’s important to educate yourself on what ingredients are actually on the list, and whether they are harmful to you or not. So you know the next time your product says it’s “aluminium” or “paraben free”, you can check if there are any other nasties hiding in the ingredients list or not.

At Husn Beauty, we always ensure that the common name of each ingredient is listed alongside the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). So you can relax knowing exactly what is in the products you are using on your skin.
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